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Welcome to Bluegrass Mustang Club


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About Us

President's Message

Welcome Bluegrass Mustang Club  members, past, present and future, and to all Mustang enthusiasts, 2019 will be a new year to enjoy this wonderful hobby, the Mustang.  I look forward to meeting you all and with your help guide this Club into new directions, as we gather for fun, food and fellowship in the many events we will attend. 


We all have one common denominator and that is our passion for the Mustang.  While we continue to gather friendships in this Club we want to invite others to join us and watch our Club grow.  The many stories of how we got our first, and next, Mustang are very interesting and fun to share.  And the gleam in the eyes of our older as well as our younger members often shows our excitement to share such stories.

Membership in our Club will also afford you with unending knowledge of the Mustang in all areas and members willing to help when and where they can.  During the year we as a Club have many events and social gatherings we attend.  We have a little something for everyone and I hope you will join us in those events and gatherings.  I look forward to 2019 and spending time with you all.  


Please view our website and if you have any questions please contact me at:  kyrunner1@ yahoo.com.

Raymond Goins

President, Bluegrass Mustang Club

Who We Are

The Bluegrass Mustang Club was established in 1981 by a group of Mustang enthusiasts to encourage the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of all model years of Ford Mustangs.  The club has grown to over 85 members.  Club activities include  monthly meetings, participation in parades, club cruises around the Bluegrass, annual club picnic and Christmas party.  


In 2007 Bluegrass Mustang Club began hosting the annual Dads & Grads Car Show on Father's Day weekend which has grown in attendance each year.  This year, Dads & Grads Car Show is at Valvoline HQ, 100 Valvoline Way, Lexington, KY 40509 on June 22nd 2019. Registration opens 9 AM, Judging begins at Noon, Awards at 3:00 PM.

What We Do


Bluegrass Mustang Club offers a wealth of combined member knowledge on mechanical, restoration and history topics related to Mustangs.  We have several members with judging expertise as well as members who routinely participate in car shows.


Bluegrass Mustang Club is active in our local community.  Our annual Dads & Grads car show helps support several local charities as well as a boy scout troop.  Members often participate in cruise-ins held for local senior centers.  The club also participates in activities such as cruise-ins & car shows held by other car clubs in support of their charities.


The annual picnic and Christmas party are always well attended.  We also encourage members to propose ideas for cruises that they would like to host throughout the year.  This promotes member involvement and provides a variety of locales and activities along the way.  The club also has a tradition of gathering in August to cruise to Somerset, KY for the Mustang Alley Somernites Cruise.


Please sign up. We'd be glad to send you club information and activity notices.